L+F Wedding: Fortune Teller in Singapore for auspicious date / time.

Friday, January 31, 2014

So.. we just went to see a fortune teller to get our "auspicious" wedding dates/timing etc last week, we actually planned for 2015, one reason is that my grandma got sick late last year, and we thought if we moved up the wedding it will "motivate" her to eat more, and gambatteh to regain her strength even thought her current treatment is making it quite hard, and also in a way to "冲喜" as well i guess? (:

And anyway we've been together for so long (10 years in September) and we've been engaged for about 1 year plus now? Lol that goondu fiance..sometimes he really talk very slowly and take his time to think alot before he speak and sometimes it creates some very comical conversations.. He was telling his mum, eh mummy actually hor.. Fidel and I am thinking of getting married this year instead... *long pause after*
Leon's mummy: WHAT?! FIFI PREGNANT IS IT!!!!

Lol see! take so long to think and explain himself then let his mum 误会!!

Lol imagine we're pregnant, it's like.. can go and bang wall la, together for 9 years+ then going to get married soon after- then KENA. If it's the case then really damn sway haha


To be honest I'm not the superstitious type and if i could do away with going to the FT for "auspicious date" i would! If 2 person have been together for so long and it's been a good and loving relationship, i don't understand how getting married at a certain date and timing will affect anything. :x

But i guess it's only respectful to get the dates from a FT to appease our parents and elders i guess? On my side my mummy really don't bother about such tradition but my grandma is more superstitious and the worrisome type lol so bo pian!

Other than the fact that i don't understand why we must have the wedding on some given date by a FT, i really prefer not to have my fortune told because i don't like to be told how to live my life. Some things is just better to be left alone and let my life unfold itself no? 

I feel that if they said something bad and worst if it's not accurate or it's a fake fortune teller and they are just talking gibberish, i think i will take it seriously and keep anticipating the worst to happen and perhaps not being able to live my life to the fullest as well?


Anyway, this fortune teller we went to, David was recommend by Leon's brother and colleagues who all said he's very "accurate" in his readings, IDK leh, when they say very accurate they usually mean the FT tell them things that is already happening or has happened right? That's why they think it's an accurate reading? 

I think quite weird leh like go and pay money to let him read your palm and tell you things that has happened (as if you didn't know it has happened already) and then let him tell you what will happen the next few years, i always believe if you hear that sort of thing it's more like after you hear already etc YOU WILL BECOME SUPER RICH IN 10 YEARS! Then you probably work really hard to become a rich man because you heard such "affirmation" and it comes true. 

I guess it's great if he tells you good things, but what if he tell you like you will be very sick in 3 years, sculley never sick but think think think about it until really kena cancer or whatever crap.

Haha OK i obviously have alot of doubts regarding fortune telling.

But anyway, he calculated our "Ba Zi" and apparently Leon and I are compatible like mad (in the dunno what elements way la) and we're both in the "right" phrase of our life to get married or something so.. any date is good! 


Literally 1st time in my life i heard of such things. After the FT session i was telling leon what should we say when we go back and his mum and my grandma ask lol, we were certain then we will tio "kan" hahaha FYI it means we'll get scolded. Like.. "花钱去看 Fortune Teller 可是半个 auspicious date 都没有要回来!浪费钱!"

But anyway, obviously I'm happy to hear that! Haha no i don't have to go squeeze with other couples for the "popular date" and pick whatever date we want! (:

Super excited with the whole wedding planning thing, and i am SO grateful and i really really feel that i am THE LUCKIEST CHICK (haha) that I already have a couple of vendors approaching me for sponsorship on L+F Wedding, we have met up with the various vendors and I have to say-  I'm really impressed with their services and I'm looking forward to sharing more when it's nearer to the wedding! 

Still looking for actual day photographer and videographer thou! 
We're still thinking if we want a photobooth / live band (weird if we don't have a live band since leon sings as a wedding live band volcalist lol) Hehe 
 I'm having waaaay too much fun and it's like a dream come true hahahaha, we just went to the hotel last night to put down our deposit for our wedding date 22 Nov!

(Photo credit: Yikeshu Photography)

It's like, although we knew the wedding is coming all along, 
but it just feels SO unreal that it's really happening now!  

◤ If you're looking out for recommendation for a Fortune Teller for an auspicious date for your upcoming wedding, below are a list of FT you might want to consider! 
Ours was David and he charged $120 for the session.

Contact: +65 9130 8025
Rates: $120 (Calculating both our "ba zi" & $20 for palm reading for Leon)

Contact: +65 9011 7388 
Rates: Not sure, but leon goes to her for fortune telling once a year or something

Contact: +65 9663 6770
Rates: Not sure, Leon's family goes to him.

I found this online and it seems very popular, even have an online consultation so if you're so super busy with work you can do it online!

▸(another) David
Fee: $130

♡ Love, TheLuckiestChick.

[AD] Review: Himalayas Nourishing Cream, my new must-have product!

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Recently I've been obsessing with this new cream i started using - Himalaya Herbals Nourishing Skin Cream!

It's a moisturizer that can be used on your face as a nourishing + hydrating makeup base to your body no matter if you have normal skin type or dry and scaly skin!

Using it under my makeup here when i went for nadnut's bridesmaids staycation last week, makeup lasted all day considering we took a dip in the pool and all haha

I heard that Koreans go crazy stocking this product up whenever they visit Singapore because it's such a great product + it's much cheaper in Singapore (pretty much my 1st time hearing that anything in Singapore is cheaper than elsewhere, what a shocker! haha).

I've only ever tried one other product from Himalayas which is the Neem face pack, which is this totally awesome deep cleansing masque that i use in the shower at least once a week!

Really curious about why is this one of their signature product and how come all the Koreans are such huge fans of this cream and BOY! AM I GLAD I TRIED IT!

At first when i opened the tub and i thought whoa it really looks pretty heavy and thought to myself if it will be too greasy? Because I'm quite used to body lotions that are of a cream/gel texture that are absorbed into the skin quickly because I'm too lazy to rub the lotion in normally.

But when i dipped my finger into this cream i realized it felt surprisingly "fluffy" and quite light in fact!

Brought the smaller tub of this cream for the staycation so i can use it as a night cream / makeup base / body cream so i can pack lesser product! So troublesome right, girls always need to pack so much barang barangs for even a quick staycation over the weekend. hehe

This Nourishing Cream has 2 key herbal ingredient, Aloe Vera + Winter Cherry.

We all know Aloe Vera is a great active ingredient for hydration while Winter Cherry is a great anti-oxidant thus skin is protected from day to night! 

I think the thing i like the most about Himalayas is that it's a 80+ years family owned brand, and they actually grow their own herbs (pesticide-free!) and all the herbal ingredients are easily controlled by them because the entire process from seeding the herbs to extracting the goodness from the herbals to creating this tub of cream!

So fluffy, i love it because it's so hydrating and my skin drinks this up so quickly and leave zero sticky eeky feeling and feels too smooooooth after that the entire day, when i just started using this cream the 1st few days i simply cannot stop touching my leg! (HAHA I KNOW I KNOW..)

But it is SO SMOOTH! Smooth to the point i keep using my calf to rub over my other calf because it feels so nice. 

My leg has always felt dry and almost have that scale-y texture most of the time cos I'm quite picky of the lotion i use on my leg cos i cant stand the sticky feeling (i mean, who does right?) but because this absorbs so quickly and the effect is so awesome, i feel excited to use this product after i shower everyday because i know for sure after that my skin will feel so silky smooooooth! (:

I wished i had found this product earlier thou!
Then i could have brought this cream to the colder trips I've been on so i won't have to suffer from crazy dry skin from all the cold and wind. You know how you will feel itchy when your skin is too dry? I remembered how dry my skin was during my aussie trip:

Because it was our last day at Bondi Beach, so we really wanted to spend the day just relaxing at the beach before we head over to Gold Coast, but it just wasn't the best time to laze around on the beach in the dead of winter hahahah, I remember how cold and crazy windy it was, and even though I'm wrapped up in layers and layers at the end of the day my skin was so dry and itchy!

I remembered i did pack some body creams along because i know it would be cold and dry but i guess it wasn't all that hydrating since i was totally scratching my skin off from the dryness!

...wished i had the Himalayas Nourishing Cream for the Taiwan trip when it snowed like crazy unexpectedly at He Huan Shan too and it was so so so miserably cold!

Himalayas Nourishing Cream retails at $5.30 for 50ml and $12.90 for 150ml and is available at Watsons, John Little, OG.

Now now, i betcha really want to try it out too right? It's really a great product and it's now one of my must- have products, i have a mini tub at work, a 150ml tub at Leon's place and another at home so i always have access to it! hehe


I'm giving away 10 of these awesome 50ml Himalayas Nourishing Cream,

Simply answer this question:
"What is one main HERBAL ingredient in this multi-use Nourishing Skin Cream?"
  Email me at 
with the above answer, Name, Contact Number & Email to join this giveaway!

Giveaway closes 14 February 2014

Good luck and have a HAPPY LUNAR NEW YEAR! (:

♡ Love, TheLuckiestChick.

Beauty Review: Ettusais January launch!

Saturday, January 18, 2014

A new year with Ettusais? I'm always ready! 
Thanks for sending your love + wonderful product launches every couple months!

How adorable are these cookies with images of ettusais products on it? (on top of being totally kawaii, these butter cookies are delicious!) here are 3 cookies with some of my favorite ettusais products on it! 

❤ Ettusais Gentle Make Off / Skin Version Up SUPER / BB Mineral Cream 

Aww~ Ettusais collaborated with Suzy Zoo once more! 
They launched a Gentle Make Off with the Suzy Zoo limited Edition last year, blogged about it HERE.

If you don't already know about this ultra popular product of Ettusais, it's a softener which combines 5 moisturizing ingredients in 1 bottle! You should apply this with a cotton pad after cleansing, as your skin is naturally hydrophoic thus it doesn't absorb moisture easily, so this softener helps your skin to absorb and lock in the maximum benefits of your moisturizer!

Limited Edition Suzy's Zoo Design (100ml) - $37

This limited edition BB Mineral White ($40) is so adorbs with it's pastel colored polka dots~
I love that this BB Mineral White has higher sun protection (SPF40) as compared to the BB Mineral Cream!

♡ Love, TheLuckiestChick.

The Missing Pan: Brunch date with the Cuz(s)!

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Hehe the other night Joanne and I were talking and we realized that we pretty similar - the fact that we rather stay home and relax most of the time rather than heading out, hey it's not that we're lazy ok, haha we're just really HOMELY! Hahaha *excuses*

Spent my entire morning in bed with my.. kindle and lazily haul my ass out of bed to prepare to head out to meet my cuz(s) for brunch at The Missing Pan.

Was looking at the gorgeous mixed wooden tiled wall (inspiration for the future home) so gorgeous!

The Missing Pan seemed to be known for their poached eggs, wow it really does look good!

I had the Over-hangover, althought if i were to have a hangover and to eat this i would probably puke all over right at the dining table.

Huge portion and so so so delicious! 
Caramelized bacon + Chicken Schnitzel + Sunny side up eggs on sourdough bread and a side of fries!

Had a great time over a great meal with my cousins and i don't know why we don't do this more often! They are all so funny and such great company heh we already made our next dinner + drinks date next month yay!

★ The Missing Pan ★
T: 64664377 
*Closed on Mondays

Oh and i'm so thrilled that Sherlock season 3 is back! 
And that Sherlock is not dead of course! heh

♡ Love, TheLuckiestChick.

My cousin's wedding at Botanical Gardens, Burkill Hall.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Last sunday, our family skipped church because it was my cousin's wedding and we had to go to the tea ceremony in the morning, wearing my teal floral dress that i got from Melbourne at the Queen Victorian Market!

With mummy dearest! 

The wedding ceremony + reception was held at Botanical Gardens, Burkill Hall.
Which if you're familiar with botanical garden, is right smack in the middle and you have no way of driving in there because no matter which carpark you park at, you have to walk at least 20 mins (unless you brisk walk then maybe, maaaaybe 10 mins? But who the hell wants to do that when you're dressed nicely for a wedding and wearing heels?!)

Lol the worst thing is when we finally reached there, sweating and panting like a pig, then we realized that there's no aircon in the reception hall. Oh My God. I mean, if I am complaining about how far it is.. imagine at the older relatives and all :/

Hahah on our way back after the wedding we actually kinda lost our way and we took 30 mins to get back to my car.

Lol my dad very extra came and squeeze into the frame then don't want take a proper photo! Hahahah looking back at this photo i feel so very lucky to inherit my mummy's eyes and not my daddy's mimi eyes!!

It's been a loooong time since i saw my cousins toooo!

Hahaha my cousin's son (is that my nephew then?) is damn funny!! 

Here he's trying to get us all to KANPAI with him, awwww so cute! And he must must must have everybody raise their glasses and KANPAI!!! then he will go back to eating or doing whatever he's doing hahaha

Here i was laughing and snapping photos of him and he noticed i wasn't raising my glass so he was trying to get me to KANPAI! Awwww what are they feeding the kids these days, so cute!

OMG He even made my uncle (his grandpa) chug the entire bottle of beer by holding it to his mouth and forcing him to drink! Hahahah epic. Next time when he's all grown up and clubbing i assume he would be the one who will make everybody at the table go BOTTOMS UP!

He also took my camera and took many many selfies on his own btw! Like he totally aim + snapped the camera all by himself hahaha am i being too shocked or are kids nowadays all like this?

All he kept asking me to stick my head in so we can take a photo together too... Awwwww~

♡ Love, TheLuckiestChick.

Why I might just hate living with Leon + New Years 2014 + Last shopping haul of 2013!

Thursday, January 09, 2014

Because I love Christmas lights. I mean- who could resist?
I feel a little regretful that i only have 2 more years staying in my home and to decorate my room as girly as want, fill my bed full of snuggle-y soft toys, put up whatever art prints that makes me laugh.

I love the print i got from Retrowhale on Etsy, haha it says "NO PARKING ON THE DANCE FLOOR." PS: Which Leon looked at it and he came over to help me drill my walls to put up the frames and he gave me the instantly I hate it face ):
But who cares, it's my room and i love it.
Because some time I do that when it's deep into the night and nobody's there to see, hahaha don't tell me you don't put on some good music and sing along with the tunes and dance in the privacy of your own! A girl's gotta destress man!

I guess when we move into our new home when it's ready we would have to compromise on what we both are ok with, but definitely not able to decorate as we like as an individual right? I feel like part of me would be lost if i'm not in my "favourite environment". 

Boo i'm sure he wouldn't appreciate me decking the halls with girly crap like lace or whatever just like i'm totally objecting to him displaying his 563464323 Gundam thingy that he fixed -.- I know it's alot of effort and all but I would totally hate to live in a "little boy's room." ): 

Somemore I think I'll be living at leon's place for a couple months - a year after we get married while waiting for our place to be ready, even when i stay over his place a couple nights of week when he's around i didn't reeeeeally like it cos his room is somehow very dusty (i will always wake up with 1 or 2 pimple everytime i stay over, no kidding!) and has a little of that eeky musky smell that i can't figure out where is it coming from. 0.0"

He used to be reaaaaally neat (i guess we have the previous maid to thank for that!) but these days without a maid his room is so messy with so much papers and crap on his desk and it's kind of dusty everywhere. :x

 KNS kena cheated haha all these years i thought he's like a neat and clean freak so i wasn't that worried that our future home will be messy and i was banking on him not being able to stand any mess and he will go clean it up. *evil grin*

I wouldn't say my room is neat but ever since i did a "end of year cleaning" it's more like an organized mess now? hahaha i have a rule of dumping/keeping things out of sight that i don't reach for at least once in a month.Except for my soft toys cos I'm too sentimental hehe - well i am a girl afterall hohoho

Oh weeeeeeells, I'm still excited and looking forward to living together but I really hope i'll still be able to have what i like thou!

Haha for New Year's Day we went to Sabio By The Sea for brunch and had free flow lobsters + oysters and everything else for $70 per pax.

Hahaha i was too busy stuffing my face with the OH SO FRESH oysters that i didn't take any photos haha while Leon whacked the Lobsters, He and Mark were trying to beat each other in who can eat more lobsters hahaha i was feeling way too full to keep track.

And after that we just went into a total food coma the entire day after!! 
Ahhh craving for more of those super fresh oysters.

★ Sabio By The Sea (Quayside Isle) ★

31 Ocean Way #01-02
Singapore 098375
T: 6690 7568
Stayed home to watch 爸 爸去哪, leon introduced this show to me and we were watching it together, it's SO SO SO funny i can DIE!! We literally laughed till we were out of breathe.  林志颖 & his son kimi is soooo adorable!!

Leon met him on the JJ Lin tour in Xiamen as he is the guest performancer for the concert and he looks SO YOUNG? He's 39 and he probably can pass off as Leon's little brother hahaha

Received the last shopping haul of the year from US on the last day of the year yay!

Bath + Body Works haul: These candles are my poison! I always light up one of their candles as soon as i reach home, after i shower and step back into my room and my rooms always smells so heavenly and soothing. (: Well you can tell the Stress Relief Eucalyptus Spearmint is my absolute favourite since i stocked up on 2 of them hehe. The WinterMarket Berries & Pears scent is AMAZING! 

The Mint Chocolate has such a kick to it, got quite a shock when I opened it up for the 1st time! The Keys has a pleasent clean, fruity scent that isn't over powering but I didn't really like Ocean Drive (smells very macho!)

Who says Christmas is all about gifting others? Girrrrrrrrl i needa pamper myself too so i gifted myself with some little of these pretties!

Hahhaha wearing my pretty new fluffy cardigan from Forever 21 with my anyhow bua glitter nails before I have time to head over to Milly's to get it done! 

Ooooh that's my new adorbs Tory Burch Amanda mini chain crossbody that I gifted myself for Christmas!

Met Joanne (pretty + hot mama of 2. OMG!) for drinks + dinner the other night and had lots of fun chatting all night with her! Let's meet up soon soon soon~

♡ Love, TheLuckiestChick.

Yikeshu Photography: TheLuckiestChick blog revamp

Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Had a photoshoot session with YIKESHU Photography a couple weeks back for my blog revamp! 
Yes hahaha it's finally due for a blog revamp so YAY!

I went to my hair sponsor - Shunji Matsuo to get my hair styled! 

As usual Isabel does not disappoint! 

Poufy crown + waterfall braids + loose curls! by @christbell!
PS! there's a 10% off Chemical services when you quote "FIDELIS" at Shunji Matsuo Hair Salon, Holland Village!

 Here's how the front looks like! (=^x^=)★彡  

My darling was in Singapore that day so he came along as my "amak" aka driver/shoot assistant/loving fiance hehe turned out he became part of my "prop" during the shoot and eagle from YIKESHU managed to take some amazing shots of us together, won't be surprised if some of these pictures go into our pre-wedding album! :D

LOL he took some "behind the scenes" :x

Eagle from Yikeshu Photography is really amazing!

I've became a tad shy and rusty infront of the camera and he was so full of ideas and great at directing me to get the shot he needed!
Hahahaha most of the time i just felt totally spastic like wah sure or not do this nice meh? But in the end when he lets me preview the shots in his camera it was like WOW WHAT WHERE DID THIS COME FROM!

★ Sneakpeek!

I couldn't believe how lucky I am, i'm truly TheLuckiestChick!

That day of the photoshoot it was suppose to be raining with thunder and lightning, it was raining EVERY SINGLE DAY that week, i even had a couple of backup indoors location to shoot at if my outdoor location plans fell thru due to the rain. But on that day which it was suppose to be raining cats and dogs, i was blessed with great weather instead and at about 5pm it was getting pretty gloomy and i thought to myself awww, guess i wouldn't get my "golden hour" shots since there's probably no sunset that evening?

But in the end.. thank GOD!, No rain + I got my sunset too!!!!

#YiKeShu really surprised me by posting this on their fb the other day. A pleasant surprise of course! 

When they mentioned that they will be doing some videography during the photoshoot I was thinking for some "behind the scenes" perhaps? Because during the entire photoshoot session i was never asked to pose or do anything for the videocamera at all. 

But turns out they did this compilation of little snippets of the photoshoot which non of it was posed for the videocam at all and everything is so natural and I freaking love it! 

They mentioned the photos should be ready by the end of Jan, I simply cannot wait to see the photos!!!      

★ Yikeshu Photography
25A, Bukit Pasoh Road, Singapore 089839

♡ Love, TheLuckiestChick.